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Get ready for some silliness!  Here are a few videos to help with the home packets.
The Bunny Hop 
This video shows monster feet but your packet contains bunny footprints.  

We have used this video to practice steady beat. We only use the first 2 and half minutes.  The kids can keep beat by clapping, stomping, knee patting.
These are our basic alphabet songs and alphabet signals. The kids know the movements and animals and sing along with the letter sounds.
Holding Any Writing Tool
This is just some basic help for parent understanding and student musical support. 
   Bunny Hops
Use with the extension activity of the egg stacking task, extensions or the Bunny Feet game.

                   by Jan Thomas
Greetings from Mrs. O.!
Spring Time Dance with one of the kid's favorites...Jack Hartmann!
 Get ready to GROW!
Double click here to add text.
Scroll down for video support of Homeschool II:
Get Ready to GROW!
Making a Garden (Action Song) Make sure you try to "grow" your voice with the Tonal Match at the end of the video!
Grow some Grass Heads!
How will the seeds get water?
Capillary Action FUN!
Echo Song
Is the sound high or low?  Try without letting the kids watch...just listen, to help them focus.
Low, High
Ordinal Numbers Song: Some of the kids will recognize this one! Use it with the sequencing cards to refresh/build their vocabulary.
Counting By 100 to 1000 Song
Count to 20!
Some of the kids' FAVORITE songs!
Up and Down
We are the Alphabet!
Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons  A story the kids loved...just for  fun!
The Hair Book   This once could be used to introduce the Grass Heads activity.